We’re the Space Station Apes.

A confederacy of content and creative writers specialising in both digital and print media.

Transforming copy into sales and increasing brand awareness; we manage online and print – from PR and marketing, to B2B content and website copy.

From blogs to editorial, we create content that is both informative and engaging, helping your business to connect with target audiences. We manage everything from concept to publishing.

Producing both commercial and creative scripts, we characterise characters, cement structure, plot plot and develop dialogue.

Great copy deserves to be perfect, and perfect copy should flow seamlessly with accuracy and precision. We provide impeccable proof-reading, fact checking and editing for a huge range of media.

We Use Words

The Way You Wish You Could

We tell stories. Stories that sell, stories that inspire.

We wrap you in cotton candy copy and spark long lost memories with cinnamon-scented sentences that seep seamlessly into the mind’s eye.

We speak in bold, brash terms with fervour and vigour!

We make the complicated simple, and the simple complicated.

Ok, we got carried away there… What we’re trying to say is that we adapt our language to suit our audience, speaking in terms that inform, educate and inspire.

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