We thought that, seeing as we do it for you, we should probably be doing it for ourselves. Although it’s pretty hard to refocus on writing our own stuff when we’ve exhausted all of our creative juices… I sit here now, thinking about what to write and feeling particularly blank. Not least because it’s the Christmas holidays and I’m half watching Studio Ghibli’s Castle In The Sky

But I’ll persevere whilst I consider what breakfast I’ll be having this morning. I’m thinking about sausages (though, to be honest, I’m always thinking about sausages), however my waist line is looking more and more like an attempt to embody an exoplanet so I’m hesitant.

Anyway, that’s enough about my food worries, let’s talk about this blog.

What Are We Going To Write About?

That’s more of a prompt for me to think about it right now than it is an actual heading.

…What are we going to blog about…

Well, I could continue with the breakfast theme – and believe me I could – but does anyone want that? Comments please…

Otherwise I should probably write something about writing or what we do. Maybe I’ll write about grammatical practices, or exciting uses of copywriting? But then who wants to read that except other copywriters?

How about a blog about actual apes in space? Or a blog about fine whiskeys? What about a blog focusing on the use of the word ‘trenchant’ throughout history?

…maybe that last one’s a little too weird…

I don’t know, but I’ll figure it out and get some of our writers on the case. Whatever I decide, you’ll see in the next blog and, well, I guess we’ll take it from there?

Until then, Bonjour.