Content Writing Rates

As I’m sure you already know, setting content writing rates is a tricky business. Applying a generic fee across the board doesn’t take into account the different sorts of content that need to be written; the amount of research that goes into the writing; the complexity of the task; whether rewrites are required.

It’s therefore almost impossible to give you a straight figure for what our content writing services might cost your company – we need to evaluate our fee on a case by case basis. This ensures that both we both get fair and considered deal for the job.

HOWEVER! Just to put your mind at ease we’ve come up with a rate card for you to download so that you can get an idea for sorts of costs of content writing. Remember that this is a general overview, and if you want a proper proposal for a fee we’ll need to speak to you directly.

Download Our Rates Card & see the average costs for:

  • Website content writing
  • Advertorial content
  • Editorial content
  • PPC campaigns
  • Corporate Scriptwriting
  • Print copy writing

Drop us your contact details and we’ll send our content writing rates card directly to your inbox.

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It's tough setting content writing fees, and many clients have no idea how we come to the conclusions, let alone what an acceptable rate is.

So we thought we'd write a little blog on how we set our writing rates for our content services, and put your mind at ease!

How We Set Copywriting Fees!