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Blog Writing Services

What’s the main issue with running a successful blog? Actually having to write it, of course.


Forming a proper strategy, developing a brand voice and consistently producing content is hard. We should know – we do it. But it’s especially hard if you neither know what you’re doing nor have the time to do it. Outsourcing your blog writing to us means that you are guaranteed professionally written, high quality content, which not only builds a credible blog for your business, but makes your life easier in the process.

FYI: We don’t do keyword stuffed blog posts, and we don’t write garbage. We only write high quality stuff, so don’t bother contacting us if you’re after content written for robots.

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What’s the point of writing a blog?

Unlike PPC adverts and wishing on a prayer, blog writing is a sure-fire way to bring more traffic through to your website. By telling search engines that your website and business are active and useful, it will mean more pages indexed and better search engine rankings.

Smartly written headlines, shared simply through social media, will guarantee clicks.

Writing a blog is the perfect way to establish yourself as an authority in your industry…

Unlike landing pages which are fairly limited in their scope, a blog’s content is practically limitless. It gives you the ability to create useful information for your target clients, without watering down (what is hopefully) your strong on-page copy.

A key focus for your content strategy, you can use your blog to answer questions your clients might have and as supporting media for your sales process.

Use it to engage, entertain and create interest!

So you’ve got people on your website, and you’ve answered their questions, or got them buzzing about who you are. Great! But what good does this really do for your business?

By introducing a call to action to all of your blog posts, you can coerce those visitors into becoming clients, or at least leads for you to follow up…

Day 1, the blog’s posted and shared on social media. You get a few visits and perhaps one enquiry as a consequence. Cool. But what a waste of time, right?

Wrong. Information rich blogs will remain indexed by search engines like Google, meaning that months, weeks and even years down the line, you will still be generating traffic. And more and more of it if your SEO efforts are on point…

Updating these blog posts every so often is also a sure-fire way to improve their search engine rankings and get more eyes on your prize.

Did You Know?

Businesses that blog are 13x more likely to enjoy positive ROI.

So if you’re serious about your business, contact us about our blog writing services now.

Be Better At Blogging

Blog Writing Services

So what do our blog writing services encompass? Well that depends on what precisely you want. Do you want us to take care of the whole strategy and publishing? Or are you just looking for some top-notch content to be sent your way?

Whatever you decide, we offer the following services to your business:

Blog Topics – Running out of ideas? Our keyword research and creative geniuses will come up with topics for you to choose.

Long Form Posts – Perhaps you want a news bulletin written. Or maybe you need a real explainer. Either/or, we’re good for it.

Search Engine Optimisation – We’ll make that blog sparkle in Google’s search algorithms.

Tone of Voice – Just starting out? We’ll create a tone of voice that will set your company apart from your competitors.

Publishing – Don’t have the time to upload your posts? Let us take care of it for you, ensuring the blog is optimised for delivery on all devices.

Updates – The key to a killer blog is consistently updating and refreshing your content.

You want a better blog now, don’t you?

Otherwise what are you doing on our blog writing services page…?