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Green Milk Comedy

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Green Milk Comedy



Client: Green Milk
Category: Copywriting, Digital Marketing
Skills:WordPress, HTML5, Copywriting, Editing, Social
Address: greenmilk.co.uk



One of London’s best known alt-comedy club nights, Green Milk is all about promoting the freshest talent on the UK circuit.¬†Space Station Apes were charged with creating the whole website, its structure, writing content and producing marketing campaigns in order to ensure that they had bums on seats.



  • Website Design
  • Copywriting
  • Digital Marketing
[ewf-testimonial name=”Robin Hill, Green Milk Comedy”]Well, well, well. Perfect website. Great content and their marketing has ensured that each and every one of our nights has had people there to watch. I couldn’t ask for anything more.[/ewf-testimonial]
[ewf-headline title=”Green Milk” details=”Alt London Comedy”]

Green Milk is all about promoting alternative comedians and giving people a night of proper laughs. Born out of frustration, Green Milk was the answer to too many London comedy nights ruining the reputation of stand up in the city.

Set in Liverpool Street, it’s a progressive night that doesn’t seek to please everybody, but rather put on acts that will open the minds of the audience. Trawling the circuit for the latest talent, it’s MC’d by the ridiculous Robin Hill – or the human egg as he likes to be known.


As it’s a comedy night, the website design had to reflect the humour of the business. This was done through using alternative fonts and adding additional elements to the pages, such as the testimonials on the homepage. More over, the website had to be easily updatable, adding new shows and comics each month.

There were 3 main avenues used to market this business: SEO, social and PR. We don’t recommend this for every company, but in this case it was certainly necessary.

First of all we used social media advertising (mostly on Facebook) in order to boost brand awareness. Starting out at a dead stop, this was an important way to generate interest in the night. Following, we would promote the night every month to fans of the individual acts, ever keen to monitor ROI.

Our content strategy was focused on ranking for ‘London Comedy Club’, though without a large budget, we instead had to look at more minor keywords for brand awareness. The blog focused on promoting funny content that people were searching for online, with some posts getting over 2000 views in organic traffic.

The PR strategy was perhaps the most effective in terms of producing direct results. By creating a monthly press release and contacting major news outlets as well as smaller more niche publications, we were able to get featured in LeCool London, The Evening Standard and TimeOut’s Critic’s Choice for comedy.


Have an events website you need to create or promote? Well, as you can see, we do that.

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