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Mecopp corporate scriptwriting


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Client: MECOPP
Category: Scriptwriting
Skills: Scriptwriting, Editing
Address: www.mecopp.org.uk

Project Description


MECOPP are an Edinburgh based charity which specialise in support for minority ethnic groups. To be translated into Bengali, Cantonese, Punjabi and Urdu, we needed to simply explain the ways in which the charity can help those vulnerable people.



  • Brief From Client
  • Draft Script
  • Edit Script
  • Green Light
[ewf-testimonial name=”Kate Herbert”]With a rapid turnaround, fast edits and a clear understanding of the brief, this script did precisely what we needed it to, when we needed it to be done.[/ewf-testimonial]
[ewf-headline title=”MECOPP” details=”Changing Lives”]

To be used as supporting media for their clients, this was a video that needed to outline how the charity can be used in simple terms for both the client and their families.

Main Objective: Educational

As the script was going to be translated into multiple languages, the narration needed to be written in idiom-free, simple terms.

With a great deal of information to get into the script, it needed to be as erudite and concise as possible.