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Client: NowUnknwon
Category: Creative
Skills: Webdesign, WordPress, Article Writing, Editing
Address: www.nowunknown.com

Project Description


The coming together of Space Station Apes and NUnk’s director Anthony Band, we were brought in to develop content and brand, bringing a fresh and unique way of approaching culture.



  • WordPress Development
  • Content Strategy
  • Content Writing
  • Publishing
  • Promotion
[ewf-testimonial name=”Anthony Band, Director of NowUnknown”]Praesent quis mauris lectus. Donec quis massa volutpat, elementum purus et, sodales ipsum. Etiam ligula justo,
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[ewf-headline title=”NowUnknown” details=”Making the unknown known”]

NowUnknown is a pioneering men’s magazine. Looking to fill in a cultural blackhole that has only partially been stuffed with subpar hipster mumblery, it’s a place to learn about new, different and exciting things.

The result of Anthony Band’s ever unquenched thirst to live, it’s a magazine that’s – for want of a far better word – cool… Examining what’s happening in the latest fashion, nightlife and events; the world of gastronomy and music, #itwillbeknown.


NowUnknown’s primary audience is men between the ages of 20-40, who have disposable income and can afford more luxurious products and pastimes. It was key, however, to not alienate a female audience, and is written to be appreciated by both sexes.

NowUnknown needed to be confident in its tone without straying into arrogance. Working on the premise that ‘we know what you need to know’, its primary objectives are to inform and entertain.

With weekly content being uploaded, the magazine needed a concise content strategy in order to ensure continuity and keep up interest and readership.


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