Client: Spot Studio
Category: Copywriting
Skills: WordPress, HTML5, Copywriting, Editing



A digital agency, Spot Studio are on the cutting edge of trends in analytics, development and marketing. With a strong background in eCommerce, they needed copy that could sell their complicated services in an uncomplicated way.



  • Content Writing
  • Blog Writing
  • SEO
  • Whitepaper

Spot Studio

Progressive Digital Marketing

A B2B digital marketing company, Spot Studio enhance other company’s portfolios, presence and profits. Key to the way in which this is achieved is the language that the companies use to talk about themselves.

So their language needed to be seriously on point.

Both informative and coercive, the copy needed to sell them in a way that was approachable yet academic. Moreover, it needed a splash of personality to separate them out from the other analytics companies who are statisticians first and people second.

With a complicated pool of clients ranging from eCommerce electronics companies to luxury designers and international publications, the copy needed to be specific-not-specific. Each prospective client needed to be able to read their content and believe that it applied to them.

Analytically driven, design comes as a secondary to the studio, though they don’t like to think of themselves as statisticians.

No tie suits types.

We needed to get this personality across in their content, imbuing their numbers with character.

The finest balance to strike was between creating copy that educated their prospective clients, whilst assuming some degree of understanding. It needed to display mastery and its conceits without being conceited. Simplicity without patronising.