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| ˌdefiˈniʃn̩ |

Character, structure, plot & dialogue. We show, don’t tell; turn ideas into functioning scripts and create the backbones of screenplays, corporate films and other digital media. Both creative and technical, our impactful, concise scripts entertain, inform and sell.

Fade in:


“Stop now!”

A flash of colour from darkness.

On Screen:

‘We Begin’

Scriptwriting Services

Video is powerful. But you already know that. With people’s attention spans shortening by the minute, the demand for video content is on the increase, meaning that businesses have to be producing video just to stay competitive. Let alone to get the defining edge.

Here’s the thing, though. It’s not cheap. So every penny spent on film needs to be spent well.

That’s where our scriptwriting service comes in. Coming up with killer concepts, captivating characters and well structured narratives, we ensure that you’re not wasting money on your video marketing efforts.

In the world of digital this couldn’t be more crucial. You’ve only got a couple of seconds to hook your viewer, get your concept across and generate interaction.

Our team of expert freelance scriptwriters will not only help you write your script. They will help you develop your concepts, hone your messaging and enhance your brand.

Don’t Waste Time

Corporate Scriptwriting Essentials


Using the right words, in the right way at the right time.


Consistent messaging, succinct plot and tight dialogue neatly packaged.


You will build your brand and profit from your film years after the fade to black.

Corporate Scriptwriting: MECOPP

One of our corporate scriptwriting clients was MECOPP, an Edinburgh based charity which specialises in helping vulnerable people from ethnic minorities get the aid that they need.

Translated into 4 different languages, this animated short needed to be idiom-free, entertaining and informative.

Let’s Make A Movie…