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SEO Copywriting Services

If you’re looking for SEO copywriting services, then we don’t need to sell the value of Google’s top spots to you. You already know.

Instead, let’s get to down to brass tacks.

You’re here because you want someone who knows how to write copy for search engines. But if that’s all you’re looking for, you’re in the wrong place.

Here we produce SEO copy that gets the visitors on the page. And keeps them there. Producing content that engages, delights, educates and sells, we don’t just build traffic, we build business.

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Our SEO Copywriting Services

Our collective of freelance SEO copywriters are at the top of their game.

Everyone talks about the importance of running a blog – and it is important – but it might not be for you.

SEO blogs are only relevant to certain industries, and they need to have a considered strategy behind them.

Thankfully that’s part of what we do…

You’re going nowhere without a proper content strategy. So whether you want to handle that in-house, or out-source it to us, get it done.


But that’s not going to do much for you unless you’re also looking at the data…

Deep-diving on analytics, scouring the Search Consoles, combing the Keyword Planner.

We know what we’re looking for, what to target and how to do it.

Combining all of the above, we create pages that serve your users.

Discovering the words they use to search, we make sure your website is there to answer them.

Then, creating exacting landing pages that rise the ranks of Google, we turn those users into customers.

And customers into brand advocates.

More Traffic. More Leads.
More Sales.

Let’s take a look at where you’re at already…

Read A Case Study

The Soundproof Windows

In just under a year we helped bring this company to the heights of their sector…

  • 113 product-specific keywords in top 3 positions
  • 363 high value keywords on page 1
  • 445% year-to-year traffic growth

Read A Guide

How to Write SEO Content That Actually Works

Want to know a bit more about our SEO copywriting processes? Take a look at our in-house guide.

We cover:

  • How we come up with keywords
  • How important meta text is to SEO content
  • Optimising the simple stuff
  • How users read on-page text
  • How to write killer copy
  • Excellent SEO copy examples

SEO content writing

SEO Content Writing

Writing copy for SEO takes a keen eye. You need to get all the right words in all the right places, the right number of times. Striking a fine balance between getting the correct message across, the content reading well and using the right keywords takes skill.

Skill we obviously have…

You don’t want your copy to be stuffed with unnatural language and keywords that come out of the blue such as “SEO Copywriters London” because that would seem odd and out of place now, wouldn’t it?

Instead, you would want an SEO copywriting specialist to take the care and attention to subtly interweave your important search terms into well crafted sentences. Just like that.

But you also want someone who knows the power of heading tags, page titles and meta data. People who will not only get you up to Google’s top spot, but ensure that you’re getting those all-important clicks too. An SEO writer whose Yoast experience is second to none, whose understanding of long-tails is unrivalled, and whose content is engrossing.

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We’re nice, I promise…