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The ICO White Paper Writer

ICO White Paper Writer Cryptocurrency Copywriting

If you’re looking for an ICO white paper writer, then we don’t need to sell their value to you. You already know.

The paper is the backbone of your blockchain marketing. The big reveal to the world of your plans, and it needs to be good.

Which is why you’re here.

Because you need a well written, fact checked ICO write paper to launch your brand.

You need the technical detail ticked off, the tone of voice to be consistent and the copy to sell and sell well.

ICO White Paper Writers

We’re a collective of freelance ICO white paper writers.

Before we begin anything, we provide a free initial consultation to ensure that we’re the company that you’re looking for.

We’ll discuss:

  • The company and your competition
  • Your mission statement and technology
  • The scope of the project itself

From this we will be able to give you an accurate quote and set a delivery map.

Note: we provide an ICO white paper rush service for 20% on top of normal fees.

When it comes to actually writing the document, we produce your white paper in stages. This gives you the chance to edit and comment on our content concurrently, and allows us to expedite the production process.

We plan to turnaround your white paper in 30 days, though actual delivery times will be set on a project by project basis.

  • Financial and tech experts with over 15 years developing business plans.
  • Crypto and blockchain enthusiasts with a love for the technology.
  • Access the writer and company director throughout the project.
  • All drafts and edits stored and backed-up on our secure servers.
  • 3 full rounds of edits as standard.

Our professional copy editors ensure that there are no spelling mistakes or errors, which could spell disaster for your ICO.

We also provide a pure ICO white paper editing service too. If you’ve produced your paper in-house and want to make sure it’s as good as it could be, we’re here to not only proofread and edit, but provide comments and feedback on how to improve your collateral.

We extend this to translated white papers, ensuring that the translation is written in polished, native English.

Let’s Write Something White

Read A Case Study

ICO White Paper WRiter

How To Write An ICO White Paper That Actually Sells

Let’s talk about how to write a proper ICO white paper that will not only get investors excited, but buying into your coin.

Read our in-depth guide on how to take the technical detail and transform it into top of the line marketing collateral.

ICO Marketing

An ICO Marketing Strategy That Actually Works

Let’s take a look at how to market your ICO and how you can get your product in front of the right investors.

From social to SEO, email to bounty programs, we cover it all…

Why Hire An ICO White Paper Writer?

Technically strong. Detail driven. Tidy copy.

Your white paper is the most important part of your ICO’s marketing mission.

It will be widely disseminated, shared online, downloaded, printed and visited months, even years after you first publish.

You therefore need to closely consider exactly how you are presenting your company and your technology. Whilst it may be second nature for you to talk about distributed ledger technology, do you know how to talk about it in a way that engages your readers – and more importantly get’s them excited enough to invest?

With a professional ICO white paper writer you get someone who not only understands the underpinning technology, but who knows how to produce stellar copywriting that actually sells it.

Providing invaluable advice on how to market your blockchain business, we provide a professional perspective on how you should be talking about your company. And how to use the power of words to engage, educate and inspire.

Future Thinking

We’re not just here to write your white paper and leave. When you work with us once, you’ll want to continue using our content writing services as your brand grows.

Mass Marketing

Writing the white paper is one thing. Getting it before the right investor’s eyes is another. Let us help you push your brand out there and cause a stir in the crypto world.

Content Writing

You need a website. You need a blog. You need social channels all crammed full of content. From SEO copywriting to landing pages to social strategy, we’re here for you.

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